Common Reasons Homeowners Need The Services Of A Tree Surgeon

Posted on: 2 June 2023

Homeowners often underestimate the vital role tree surgeons play in maintaining the health and beauty of their gardens. Trees add value to properties, provide shade and help to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. However, they require a great deal of care and attention to ensure their longevity and safety. Why might you need the services of an arborist, or tree surgeon, on your property? Read on to find out.

  • Tree Removal 

Perhaps the most common reason for homeowners to enlist the services of a local tree surgeon is for tree removal. This often becomes necessary when a tree is diseased, dead, or poses a safety risk due to its proximity to buildings or power lines. Complete removal may follow tree trimming if the plant in question still poses a problem. Tree removal is a complex process. It is something that should be left to trained professionals to avoid property damage or personal injury.

  • Tree Pruning

As mentioned, tree trimming is another vital tree care practice that arborists undertake. To prune a tree properly, the expertise of a tree surgeon can be invaluable. After all, tree trimming involves the selective removal of certain branches of a tree, often at height, where specialized knowledge will be invaluable. Trimming is necessary for improving tree health, promoting growth, altering the shape, or maintaining safety by removing hazardous branches. It requires a detailed understanding of tree biology, as improper pruning can lead to lasting damage or even the demise of the tree.

  • Tree Maintenance

Tree surgeons are also indispensable when dealing with disease and pest management. Many tree diseases and pests can cause serious damage and can be difficult to manage without professional knowledge and equipment. An experienced tree surgeon can diagnose these issues and provide appropriate treatment options to protect the tree and prevent further infestation. This sort of maintenance service may also involve tree trimming, whereby unhealthy sections of the plant are removed, thereby allowing others to thrive with greater access to light and airflow.

  • Tree Repair

Storm damage is another area where tree surgeons offer invaluable services. Severe weather can cause trees to split, lose limbs, or fall, often resulting in damage to property or even posing a risk to human life. Tree surgeons can perform emergency tree work to mitigate these hazards, remove damaged trees or boughs, and provide advice on preventative measures to protect trees from future storm damage, including pruning sections most at risk from high winds.

  • Tree Surveys

Lastly, tree surgeons can provide a tree survey on your property. This will involve a full assessment of the health and condition of all your trees. An arboreal survey is particularly useful for property developers or homeowners looking to modify their landscapes, as it helps to make informed decisions about tree retention, removal, and recommended tree trimming throughout a property.

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