Sometimes Healthy Trees Need Pruning Too

Posted on: 11 May 2023

Sometimes people assume that trees only need to be pruned if they are or appear to be unhealthy. It is true that if a tree has dead branches or dying branches, it can benefit from having those branches trimmed away. But sometimes, healthy trees need to be pruned, too. Pruning them while they are still in good health can help prevent health problems and diseases down the road. So, what are some signs that your healthy tree could use an appointment with the tree trimmer?

The tree has lots of crossed branches. 

Take a close look at the tree's individual branches. Do some of them seem to cross over one another? If so, the tree should be pruned, and the smaller of the crossing branches should be removed. Crossed branches tend to rub over one another in a storm. This can lead to wounds in the bark, which could then become infected with fungi. Pruning the crossed branches away prevents this damage and subsequent disease.

The tree's branches are bending and weighed down with fruit.

This one really only applies to fruit trees, but it is an important factor to be aware of. A fruiting tree's branches should not appear to be sagging and bending extensively under the weight of the fruit. If they are, then the branches are likely to crack and break. Once a branch cracks, it usually dies, and then it won't bear any fruit at all. If a tree trimmer instead comes and removes some of the smaller branches from that big branch, then it won't develop such a heavy fruit crop next time around, which should prevent it from cracking.

The tree is growing into or towards a structure.

Your tree might be healthy, but if it is growing into power lines, growing over a root, or rubbing against the side of your home, it needs to be pruned. Trees with overly long and poorly placed branches can cause a lot of damage to structures. Instead of waiting for the damage to occur, have the tree pruned at the first sign of trouble. Removing a few healthy branches does not typically damage the tree long-term and is better for your property, overall.

Remember, a tree does not need to be unhealthy to benefit from pruning. If your tree is growing towards a structure, has heavily fruited branches, or has crossed branches, call a tree care service sooner rather than later.


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