4 Critical Signs That Tree Removal Services Are Needed

Posted on: 10 March 2023

There are a variety of reasons why property owners may request tree removal. Sometimes removals are necessary even if the property owners are fond of their trees. Unhealthy trees and those that pose a threat to property or life need to get removed. The following points identify serious signs that tree removal is necessary.


Trees that have fungi are at risk of rotting. Growth may be located anywhere on the bark. Sometimes, the growths are located near the base of trees. This can negatively impact the strength of trees because the roots need to be strong enough to support the weight of a tree. Decayed roots will make a tree prone to falling over. 


Some tree diseases are not caused by fungi. These diseases may spread to other trees and could cause a property owner to have to get more than one tree removed. This is why it is imperative to contact a tree professional if a tree appears to have signs of decay. Some tree diseases can be treated and the dead portions can be removed with tree trimming services. However, if the disease affects a significant portion of the tree, removal will likely be the only option.

Exposed Roots

This is a sign that a tree could potentially cause property damage. Roots that start to rise above the soil are at risk of causing damage to driveways, sidewalks, and foundations. It is also possible for certain tree species to have invasive roots that can extend into plumbing drain lines and cause significant damage. Exposed roots may also suggest that a tree is losing its ability to stand and could be at risk of falling down during inclement weather events. 

Damaged Bark

Disease and injury are the primary reasons that trees may have damaged bark. Injury can occur when individuals attempt to trim their own trees. It may also occur if lightning strikes a tree. Changes in the appearance of a tree's bark are an issue that a tree professional needs to assess. Healthy bark will be intact on a tree and the underlying wood will not be exposed. Tree bark plays an important role in a tree's health because it is a protective covering. 

A tree services company is a good resource to use if there are concerns about the necessity of tree removals. They can inspect trees to assess their health, and they can also determine if a tree poses other threats such as damaging plumbing systems or falling down.


identifying issues with your trees

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