3 Factors You Should Consider When Planning A Tree Removal

Posted on: 2 November 2022

Everyone wants beautiful trees in their garden to create a relaxing environment. This is because they add scenic beauty to the landscape and freshen the air. However, there are certain unavoidable circumstances where you might need to remove a valued tree from your property. That said, you may want to assess these factors before eliminating the tree. 

How the Removal Will Affect the Environment

When trying to remove trees, it is wise to be mindful of the impact this will have on the environment. You should know that they play a crucial role in the ecosystem. More so, you should know that in addition to contributing to the water cycle, trees are home to several animal species. More importantly, they are a source of food for certain species. Therefore, you should assess the importance of your tree to its surrounding environment before removing it. If dealing with a healthy tree and the benefits of leaving it in place outweigh the need for removal, it is best to leave it intact.

Consider Its Size and Canopy Width

The size of the tree is another crucial factor to consider. Ultimately, large trees are more complex to handle because they might fall and cause massive damage to your property. Thus, if you must remove a large tree, you should leave the task to an arborist. This way, the expert will remove the branches first before felling the rest of the tree. Additionally, an expert will plan for the eventuality that it might fall onto fences and cause damage to neighboring property. This will help you alert the neighbors about your plan to remove the tree. You might also need to check with your insurance company and determine whether they will cover damages that may result from the removal process. 

Think About the Health Status

Think about the condition of your tree before embarking on removal. This is because it is easy to uproot a healthy one. After all, it does not show any defects, and you do not have to worry about surprises like branches breaking in the process. However, if your tree has started dying and decomposing, you should let a professional remove it. In this case, a decomposing tree can be hazardous because you cannot accurately predict where it will fall when you cut it. On the other hand, a removal expert can organize how to cut it without compromising safety.

These are a few factors to consider before you can remove a tree from your property. Contact an arborist to learn more about tree removal


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