Top 4 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Removing Trees

Posted on: 25 July 2022

Some trees in your yard need to be removed because they are dead, damaged, or pose a high risk of damage to your property. Tree removal is a huge undertaking that requires the expertise of an arborist to complete the task effectively. In addition, it is an intricate and hazardous endeavor, hence the need to put in place preventative measures to guarantee the safety of your property. Thus, you should employ a certified arborist to remove trees in your home after planning to account for potential liability. The following are tips to consider before removing trees.

Tree Removal Ordinances

Despite owning trees on your property, deciding to get rid of them might not be entirely up to you. Every locality has specific guidelines and regulations that dictate tree removal. This includes a pre-inspection of the site to issue a permit to commence the process of removing trees. Moreover, the authorities may impose restrictions on the persons removing the trees, such as demanding certification from a tree removal company for license issuance.

Consider Tree Removal as a Last Resort

When well cared for, trees harness numerous benefits to the environment. However, if the risk your tree poses outweighs its benefit, tree removal is inevitable. Furthermore, you will remove the tree if preserving alternatives such as pruning and lopping is unavailable. Therefore, it is wise for you to engage in the services of a tree removal specialist for a tree assessment before its removal to avoid cutting down a perfectly healthy tree. Consequently, they will offer other tree-saving solutions and resort to expelling the tree if it is the only feasible option.

Property Damage

If a tree is leaning sideways close to your house or is bestriding property lines, the risk of damage to the surroundings should it fall is high. Thus, employing safety precautions is vital to reduce the impact of tree falls. Additionally, you may be liable for monetary compensation if you decide to remove the trees yourself and cause damage to your neighbor's property. A reputable arborist will thoroughly inspect the site area, erect a barricade around it, and steer an escape route free of obstructions to minimize the risk of damage.

Stump Removal

After expelling the tree, you will want to remove the remaining pesky stumps. Although most tree removal companies incorporate stump removal in their service package, some do not. Since hiring another stump removal company is costly, it is wise to compare different tree removal quotes for one that includes stump removal in the overall costs.

Planning prior to removing the tree is important for a successful and efficient process. Therefore, you should schedule a tree assessment with an arborist to determine the cost and technique of removing the tree. Contact a local tree removal service, such as J&L Tree Service Inc., to learn more.


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