Do Pine Trees Need To Be Trimmed?

Posted on: 3 June 2022

When you think about tree trimming, you probably imagine a tree service cutting branches off a deciduous tree, such as a maple or oak tree. But what about pine trees and other similar evergreens? Do they need to be trimmed, too? The short answer is "yes," but pine tree trimming needs are somewhat different from those of other trees. Keep reading to learn the basics about having your pine trees trimmed.

When do pine trees need trimming?

Pine trees, like other trees, can benefit from a few good trimmings when they are young. This helps ensure they grow into an attractive and healthy shape. Once they are mature, however, they will only need trimming now and then. There's no real need to have your pine tree trimmed on a regular basis. Instead, you can keep an eye on the tree and call a tree trimming service whenever you notice signs that the tree needs trimming.

What signs indicate your pine tree needs a trim?

One sign your pine tree needs trimming is dead branches. It's natural for a few branches to die as a tree ages, and having them removed will restore airflow through the tree, keep pests away, and maintain the tree's beauty.

You should also have the tree trimmed if you see any yellowing or discolored needles. This could indicate that the tree has a disease, and having the diseased branches removed can help keep the disease from spreading.

Finally, call a tree trimmer if your pine tree is interfering with your home or structures in any way. Is there a branch overhanging your roof? Is the tree mere inches from the power lines? A tree care company can remove the offending branches before they cause bigger problems.

How are pine trees trimmed?

Pine trees are trimmed, more or less, like any other tree. Your tree care technician will often bring a lift, which will allow them to reach the tallest branches safely. They'll use sharp, sanitized shears to remove any broken, dead, diseased, or poorly located branches. If you see a little numb left where they've removed a branch, that is normal. This part is called the branch collar, and tree trimmers leave it behind, especially on pine trees since cutting through it causes a lot of sap to run.

Pine trees are quite easy to maintain, and they only need trimming on occasion. Keep the information above in mind, and contact a local tree trimming service to find out more.


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