5 Factors To Consider Before You Trim Your Trees

Posted on: 12 April 2022

One of the most important jobs of tree care is pruning or trimming. Trimming your trees helps to protect them against diseases and pests. If you know when to trim your trees—and how to trim them—your trees can grow into beautiful specimens that add to the charm of your property.

When done well, tree trimming is good for you and your trees. But if done improperly, tree trimming can harm your tree and reduce the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Before you trim your trees, consider the following points carefully.

1. Reasoning

Why do you want to trim your trees? Knowing exactly why you want to trim your trees before you hire a tree trimmer will ensure you get exactly what you expect. If, for instance, you wish to change the shape of your tree to make it more aesthetically appealing, then decide on the shape you want and inform your tree service.

2. Timing

Is the timing right to trim your tree? Remember, not all trees are equal in regards to when it is best to trim them. For instance, spring-flowering trees are best trimmed after they have begun to flower. Speak to a tree specialist and they'll help you to decide on the best time to trim your tree.

3. Tree health

Sickly trees or trees that are recovering from severe trauma—such as a lightning strike or fire exposure—are fragile. If a tree is still healing from branch loss or other types of damage, give your tree time to heal before you inflict more wounds upon it, which is what tree trimming will do.

4. Removal percentage

Removing too much of a tree's canopy is harmful. Trees need their branches and leaves to bring in sustenance from the sun. If you remove too many branches, then this will weaken your tree and leave it susceptible to pests and diseases. You can avoid over-trimming by hiring a reputable tree trimmer to trim your tree.

5. Safety

Keep the area around your tree free of objects and especially pets and children. If your tree is especially large, then arrange for your children or pets to be kept indoors or at a relative's home until the trimming is complete. This will ensure their safety.

These are the main factors to consider before you commit to trimming a tree. For the average person, tree trimming is dangerous for you and the tree. To avoid harming your tree or yourself, hire a qualified arborist or tree service to trim your trees.


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