Tree Trimming Services That Keep Your Roof Safe From Tree Damage

Posted on: 13 December 2021

Mature trees make your property beautiful, but it's essential to maintain them properly. For instance, trees that grow over your house might provide helpful shade, but they can also cause harm if not trimmed properly. Since trimming back trees above your roof could be hazardous if something goes wrong and a heavy branch crashes on your roof, you may want to call a tree trimming service on a regular basis to maintain the trees that grow near your house. Here are points to consider.

Have Damaged Branches Trimmed Back Immediately

If strong winds cause a big branch to crack but not break apart, it's a good idea to call a tree trimming service to cut back the damaged branch rather than let it dangle over your roof. Another gust of strong wind might be all it takes to make the branch slam against the roof and knock off granules or crack some shingles.

Have Fast-Growing Branches Trimmed Each Spring

It could be best to trim the branches that hang over your house aggressively so they don't get too close and scrape your roof. If you don't do that, consider bringing in a tree trimmer each spring before the branches get a growth spurt. Branches can grow fast when you get a lot of rain, and when they get bushy, they hang even lower due to the extra weight they carry. Branches that are too close to your shingles provide a path for animals to get on your roof, and they are also hazards in storms and strong winds.

Have The Trees Pruned To Grow The Way You Want

An experienced tree trimmer might be able to trim back the tree so it grows straighter or away from your house rather than leaning over your roof. Pruning is also trimming, but it is done in a deliberate way that controls the growth of the tree. It's best to trim a tree when it's young so you control which way the big limbs go, but a tree can be pruned once it's mature too. You may not be able to have big limbs cut back because that could make the tree lopsided and weak, but the tree trimmer can probably remove branches to shape and control tree growth.

Bringing in a tree trimming service regularly keeps the trees near your house in good shape so they don't become a hazard. The tree trimmer can monitor the trees and warn you if a problem is developing with the trees' health or stability that makes them a danger to your home. Trimming branches also makes the tree more attractive, and it lets some sun reach your roof to control the growth of algae.  


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