How An Arborist Can Help You Plant And Maintain Trees In Your Yard

Posted on: 12 November 2021

If you have or want trees in your yard, an arborist can help you do everything from choose the right kinds of trees to help you take care of them. Trees need constant maintenance, care, and protection, so no matter how far along your landscaping is, you can always benefit from an arborist's assistance.

Choosing the Right Species

Choosing the best trees for your yard involves considering factors beyond just which look the best. Other considerations include which species flourish best in your climate, size constraints, and even factors like which trees won't damage sidewalks, driveways, and plumbing pipes. Getting this right from the start is important, as trees that grow too large or too deep or don't work well in your area can cause damage to your home and incur extra costs if they need to be moved or removed. An arborist knows what types of trees will work best for your specific needs.

Assisting With Trimming and Trimming Schedules

A good way to both keep your trees healthy and protect your home is to keep your trees trimmed. The species of your trees can affect when they should be trimmed and how often. Trimming too much, or improperly, can damage and severely weaken your tree, which makes it an often finicky process best done by professionals. Not only can an arborist help you set up regular trimming schedules, but they can often do the trimming, too.

Investigating Signs of Trouble

Many signs of issues with trees, such as pest infestation and disease, can sometimes be difficult to spot. If they aren't subtle, they sometimes vary noticeably between different species of trees and what's infecting them. By getting regular visits from your local arborist for tree trimming or inspection, or by reporting symptoms you think might be suspicious or potentially dangerous, you can keep your trees out of trouble. Arborists are familiar with the kinds of pests and diseases affecting trees in your area and can quickly find problems, as well as point out what these signs of trouble are to better help you spot trouble in the future.

Offering Treatment and Preventative Care

Because arborists know so much about which pests and diseases afflict trees in your area they are a great choice when it comes to providing treatments to help your trees recover. They can also apply preventative treatments. This can vary from using sprays to preemptively ward off pests to conducting soil tests to see if your trees are getting the nutrients and amounts of water they need. Since applying disease and pest control treatments should also be carefully done to avoid harming your tree, calling an arborist for help is a great way to ensure your trees are kept healthy.


identifying issues with your trees

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