5 Types Of Tree Service For A Tiny Backyard

Posted on: 10 September 2021

If you have one or more trees in a tiny backyard, you'll have special considerations to help you and your tree live in harmony with the neighborhood. 

Here are some of the types of tree services you may need if your tree is located in a tiny yard.

1. Root barriers

Root barriers can be important if your tree is in a small area. You don't want the tree to put its roots into your septic system or your neighbor's plumbing, after all. These are best installed while the tree is young, before root infiltration problems develop. Talk to your tree contractor about the possibility of installing root barriers such as root screens, root deflectors, or chemical inhibitors to protect plumbing, foundations, and septic from tree roots.

2. Drop crotch pruning

A tree that spreads its branches into a neighbor's yard can be a nuisance. Your tree service professionals can remove any offending branches with a technique called drop crotch pruning. This method allows professionals to remove a branch with minimal damage and risk to the tree.

3. Crown reduction pruning

If your neighbors grow a vegetable garden or like to sunbathe in their yard, they may not be too excited about your tree putting them in the shade. If your tree starts to get carried away and grows larger than you (or your neighbors) prefer, you can have your tree service contractors perform a crown reduction pruning service.

This service can remove some of your tree's bulk so that it doesn't take up quite so much space. If your tree is already much too large and needs to be reduced a great deal, your tree service contractors may wish to spread the reduction out over a couple of years to minimize shock to the tree.

4. Cleanup

Cleaning up after yourself (and your trees) is especially important in confined spaces. You'll want to clean up any dropped leaves, fruit, seedpods, and other debris before they can blow or drift into your neighbors' yards. Talk to your tree service professionals about whether they provide these types of cleanup services.

5. Tree inspections

Even with frequent pruning, a tree could pose a hazard to nearby fences, landscaping, and structures if it becomes diseased or damaged. In a tiny yard, these features may all be very nearby, meaning that keeping the tree in good shape is extra important. A qualified arborist can inspect your tree for damage regularly, ensuring that any such damage can be caught early and treated.

These are some of the tree services that your tree service contractors can provide for trees living in very small yards. Get in touch today to learn more about caring for your trees.


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