Use Tree Removal Service To Give Your Pets A Safe Backyard To Enjoy

Posted on: 26 July 2021

As a pet owner, you may furnish and decorate with pet health and safety in mind. While moving to a new home, you can make sure the interior is safe for them right away. However, you may need to work on the backyard before letting your pets enjoy the space safely.

Tree removal service is worth getting when you can protect your pets in several ways.


A fenceless backyard makes it hard to keep your pets on the property after letting them outside. So, you can create a solid perimeter around the whole space to protect them. While inspecting the yard, you may find a large and mature tree in the way along the perimeter.

Removing the tree is the best way to prepare for fence installation. You get the benefit of building a fence along the property lines to maximize your backyard size. Also, you will prevent potential problems in the future with the tree's roots or branches causing damage to the fence.

Tree removal is also useful for keeping pets in your backyard. Some trees are easy to climb, so your pets could scale up the trunk and along the branches to get over a fenced yard.


Inspecting trees for pet toxicity is important because you want to provide all your pets with a non-toxic backyard. Owning multiple pet types such as cats and dogs requires a thorough inspection because some trees are toxic to dogs but safe for cats. Fortunately, you can hire a tree service company to handle this whole process and the removal of any toxic trees.


Toxicity is not the only way that trees can harm your pets. Debris can also become a problem, especially when your pets enjoy running around together in the backyard. Shallow roots, pinecones, spiked seeds, and thorny branches can harm your pets while they are outside. All it takes is your cat or dog clipping a shallow tree root while dashing around to hurt their paw.

The safest solution is to remove these potentially harmful trees instead of taking any chances.


Some pests, such as fleas and ticks, can harm your pets by feeding off their blood. Ticks can get into your backyard while hitching a ride on wild animals. So, trees that invite lots of critters to your property are worth removing because they increase the chances of tick complications.

Hire a tree service to give your pets a safe backyard to enjoy.


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