4 Signs It Is Time To Trim Your Trees

Posted on: 26 September 2019

If you have trees on your property, and you want your trees to grow safely and stay healthy, you need to trim your trees. Your trees will often give you signs all on their own that they are in need of a trim. Pay attention to these signals, and trim your trees during the late winter or early spring.  

Sign #1: Crossing Branches

The branches on your tree should not intersect with one another. If you have branches that are crossing over one another, one of the branches needs to go. When branches cross over one another, they rub against each other, wearing away the bark in the area where the branches meet. This creates wounds in the bark, where diseases and insects can more easily enter and damage your tree.  

Sign #2: Excessive Density

It is nice to have trees with really thick foliage; however, you need to keep an eye on how thick your trees are getting. Your trees need room to breathe; if there are too many branches close together, each branch is not going to get the light and resources it needs, which will result in those branches eventually dying or not thriving. Strategically thin your tree, giving your branches a chance for success.  

Sign #3: Wandering Branches

Sometimes, the branches on a tree seem to get a mind of their own, going off in random directions. If there is a branch sticking out in a direction that is against the flow of the tree, that branch needs to be trimmed. If you have any other branches that are reaching towards power lines or your home, those branches should be trimmed as well.  

Sign #4: Damaged Branches

Finally, if you see any branches that have been damaged by a recent storm, you are going to want to trim those branches right away. Branches that are cracked in half or damaged once again make your tree vulnerable to disease and could also fall off your tree unexpectedly, harming whoever is below your tree.

If your trees are giving you any of the signs above that they are in need of a trim, it is time to call up your local tree trimming service to come out and trim your trees. They can deal with crossing branches, thin out trees that are too dense, take care of wandering branches, and address damaged branches in a quick and effective manner.


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