3 Essential Tree Care Steps You Must Take

Posted on: 17 July 2019

Do you have one or more medium-to-large-sized trees growing on your property? Would you be heartbroken if anything happened to any of your trees? Although some people may not care much one way or another about any trees that happen to be growing on their property, it's not unusual to be attached to whatever trees you have living around your property. As such, you're going to want to care for them so that they can remain intact and healthy for as long as possible. You are probably already aware of some of the things that you should be doing, but unless you're a professional arborist, you may be surprised to learn other things. A few of the most important care steps that you need to take include:

Watering: Although many trees will grow okay without water, regular watering sessions can still enhance the growth of most trees. This is especially true when a particular area is experiencing hot weather and a lack of rain. While trees are not as susceptible to drought conditions as grass and other small plants are, a prolonged lack of water can still be damaging and could eventually kill even the healthiest-looking tree in a relatively speedy manner.

Insect prevention: Most people are aware of damaging insects lie carpenter ants and termites but aren't aware of other harmful insects that could be causing serious damage. For smaller trees, you might have to watch for aphids. For larger trees, you'll need to watch for borers. Emerald ash borer prevention is especially important when you have ash trees. If you have other species of trees, you may not need any emerald ash borer prevention treatments but there are other species of borer that could kill off your tree just as quickly if not prevented. Talk to a professional to find out if you need to worry about emerald ash borer prevention.

Fertilizing: You might think that "wild" trees don't get fertilized by people, so your tree should be able to live just fine. While it's true that wild trees don't get actively fertilized, it's not true that they never get fertilized. As other trees die and rot, the breakdown of these materials will result in the living trees being fertilized. Passing animals may leave their waste beneath the tree and this waste will also provide a fertilizing action. In order to even partially mimic Mother Nature, it's essential for most tree owners to apply some sort of tree fertilizer every year or two.


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