3 Reasons Why DIY Tree Removal is a Bad Idea

Posted on: 1 October 2018

A yard with several large trees is something that many buyers actively search for when shopping for a home. Tall and lush trees provide shade and add beauty to a home. Because they grow so slowly and yield so many benefits, many homeowners let them grow indefinitely. Sometimes, having large trees can cause an unpleasant or even dangerous situation, especially if one of the trees dies, becomes damaged, or begins to impact other structures with its height, girth, roots, or branches.

When this occurs, these once beautiful trees can quickly become a hazard to the people, homes, and property around them. But before you fire up the chainsaw to cut down a hazardous tree on your property, it is important to think about the reasons why cutting down your tree on your own may not be the best action to take. 

You may inadvertently damage surrounding property

In an urban or suburban setting, a large tree is often tall enough to become a threat to the surrounding properties. For example, white oak trees (a very common variety of oak tree throughout the United States) can grow up to100 feet in height. Felling a tree this large could easily cause damage to a neighbor's home, vehicle, or other property. 

Your insurance rates may be affected

The chances are good that your insurance agent will be at least as uncomfortable as your neighbor about a DIY hazardous tree removal plan. If your actions cause damage to a neighbor's home or property, their home insurance company will contact yours for reimbursement for any needed repairs. This may cause your rates to go up, and you may even be subject to legal action, should the neighbor or their insurance company file a suit. 

Doing it yourself can be very dangerous

Attempting to properly cut down and remove a large tree in a populated area requires special training, proper tools, and safety equipment, all of which are not usually available to the average homeowner. Accidents from tree falling mishaps often include broken bones, concussions, severe lacerations, and crush injuries, all of which can be serious or even fatal. In fact, among professional timber workers, the risk of experiencing a serious or fatal work-related injury is calculated as being as much as 30 times as great as the work-related injury risk experienced in other industries. 

Before embarking on a DIY plan that puts you and others in danger, consider contacting a reputable hazardous tree removal service instead. These professionals are trained, equipped, and insured to handle even difficult removals without damaging nearby property or inflicting injuries. 


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