How To Remove A Tree From Your Property On A Budget

Posted on: 8 August 2018

Getting rid of a tree from your yard can quickly become an expensive task, especially if it's something you need to get done quickly due to imminent danger. However, there are multiple ways to handle taking down a tree and removing it from your property, many of which can save you money.

See Who Can Do It For Free

Believe it or not, there are multiple ways you might be able to get your tree cut down, and in some cases even taken away, for free.

Make a post on social media or the classifieds section of websites for your area to advertise free wood to anyone willing to cut down the tree for you. For some people, the offer of keeping all the wood they cut is enough to get them to do the project for you. The potential risk is that you might not get the job done by a trained professional; depending on where the tree is in proximity to your home or how urgent the situation is, you might want to vet the expertise of anyone who wants to come by.

If the tree is interfering with any utility lines, call the utility company and ask if they'll take care of it. If the tree poses a threat to the operation of these lines, the company may opt to take care of it themselves. You may also call your city to see if they can do anything. They may also take care of the tree if it may damage utility lines, but also any public property like streets or sidewalks.

If you have a larger tree, start with the second option first. A larger tree can cause more damage if handled incorrectly, so start with the professionals.

Pay Only For Cutting

Many tree care and removal services will charge an extra fee for taking away whatever they cut down. This is handy if you have no means of getting rid of it yourself -- especially with larger trees -- but the fee may also push you over your budget.

In cases like these, you can ask that the tree only be cut down and that you can handle the removal yourself. Contracts can include all sorts of extra services from cutting to removal to stump grinding to limb chipping, so make sure you only pay for what you really need. There may be cheaper or even free options available. For example, with a tree already cut down, advertising free wood now comes without the risk of someone who isn't a professional cutting down your tree. You can also see if renting a truck for a day to take away the wood yourself is cheaper than the removal fee from the tree care company -- just make sure you know where to take it.

Check For Discounts

Prices of tree care and removal services fluctuate depending on a number of factors, and one factor is simply demand. During winter and early spring, business is slow since many trees go dormant. With this decrease in demand, prices are much more competitive and can save you hundreds, or even potentially thousands, of dollars.

If your tree doesn't need to be removed immediately and you can afford to wait, start asking for quotes around wintertime. In addition, look around online for any coupons, discounts, or other ways you might be able to save money. Some companies may offer a small discount for something as simple as using their website to book an appointment rather than calling in, and other companies may have affiliations with certain websites that give discounts for anyone with a membership, so look for everything you can. As always, get quotes from multiple companies to see which has the best price for you.

Finally, read any contract thoroughly to make sure every discount you want is factored into the final price, and that you're getting all the services you need in return. For more information, contact your local tree care services.


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