Beyond Storm Damage: Other Not-So-Obvious Reasons For Tree Removal

Posted on: 13 June 2018

Most people will tell you to consider removing a mature tree that has been damaged in a storm, but storm damage is not the only situation in which you may require tree removal services. Here are other reasons for tree removal:

Structural Problems

Some trees develop structural problems that weaken them, and weak trees should be removed before they fall unexpectedly. Examples of such structural problems include things like:

  • Major cracks on the main trunk
  • Hollowing out of the main trunk
  • Clustered low branches that choke off the leader/top

In some of these cases, the tree should be evaluated and saved by a tree professional, if possible. If not, then you have no option but to remove it.

Overgrown Tree

Sometimes a tree grows and becomes too big for the available space. This may be the case, for example, if the person who planted the tree didn't know how large it would be upon maturity. It may also be the case if other structures, such as communication towers or houses, have been constructed near the tree since it was planted. A tree that has outgrown its space won't thrive, so it's better to remove it on your own time.


If you have multiple trees on your property, then you should also remove some of them if they are overcrowded. This can happen with amateur tree planting where spacing requirements are not given proper attention. Overcrowded trees won't thrive because they will be competing for resources such as nutrients, sunlight, air, and water. In such a case, a systematic removal of some of the trees is needed so that the rest can thrive.

Infestation or Disease

Some tree diseases or infections are difficult to deal with and spread relatively fast. A good example is oak wilt disease, which affects oaks as the name suggests. It is spread both by tree roots and insects. The disease has no known cure, so your best course of action is to remove all infected trees from your property.

Construction Issues

Lastly, it may also be necessary to remove a tree if it's in danger of being damaged by a construction project. An example is if you are excavating an area and the major roots of a tree are likely to be damaged. If there is no way the tree can be saved, and the construction also can't be altered or stopped, then you have no option but to remove the tree.


identifying issues with your trees

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