3 Ways To Deal With Old Stumps This Spring

Posted on: 25 March 2018

If your property has a bunch of dangerous old stumps on it, this spring is a great time to come up with an action plan that will help you get rid of the old tree stumps on your property.

Use Fire

One way to get rid of an old tree stump is to burn it. However, in order to burn an old tree stump, you have to do more than lit it on fire. First, you have to drill holes into the stump. Then, you have to fill the holes up with fuel oil, not gasoline, and allow the fuel oil to soak into the tree for a few weeks. After that, take a bunch of matches and drop one match into each hole that you drilled. The tree will smolder slowly over a couple of days, eventually leaving you with a pile of coal.

If you decide to burn the tree stump, you need to clear the entire area around the tree stump of any leaves and debris. You should turn up the soil to create a fire ring around the stump. You should also keep a bucket of water and a hose nearby and monitor the stump as it burns.

Try Chemicals

Along the same lines as removing a stump with fuel oil and fire, you can get rid of a stump with chemicals. For this method, you are also going to need to drill holes into the stump that are nice and deep. You will want to drill holes on the side and top of the stump.

Then, you are going to want to fill the holes with a chemical fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. You can find products for this specific purpose at your local garden center.

Pour the chemicals into the holes, and add water. All the chemicals to break down the stump. Keep in mind that this can take weeks or months to achieve.

Once the stump is broken down, you should be able to easily break it up and remove it with a pickaxe or even a shovel. During the time the chemicals are working, you'll want to put up a barrier to keep children and animals away from the stump and the chemicals.

Get It Ground Out

Finally, you can remove old stumps by having them ground down. You can do this on your own if you can rent a tree stump grinder or you can hire a tree removal or stump grinding company to come out and grind up the stump for you.

Before a stump can be ground up, all debris and rocks from the area around the stump have to be removed. Then the stump should be cut down as short as possible. After that, the grinder should be used side to side to grind the stump down, all the way into the ground.

If you have old stumps around your property that you are tired of having around, you don't have to keep putting up with them. You can burn them, break them down with chemicals, or grind them up.


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