Treating Oak Tree Leaf Bumps

Posted on: 3 June 2017

You may notice bumps on your oak tree leaves. You may then be concerned about whether your oak tree as contracted an illness and may require a treatment in order to protect the tree. There are two main problems that can lead to oak tree leaf bumps and there is fortunately options for what to do about them.

General Maintenance Is Key

Regardless of what is causing the oak tree leaf bumps, proper maintenance of your tree will reduce the chances that your tree will suffer from these maladies. It is essential to make sure that your tree is:

  • Adequately watered
  • Fertilized
  • Covered with mulch in the spring

If you are having a difficult time caring for your tree, it is recommended that you contact a tree care service that can assist you. Too much water, fertilizer or mulch can be detrimental to the tree.


These are growths that form when mites and insects have settled into these parts of the leaf. The balls will be brown or orange and they will cover leaves and branches alike. Some are hairy and others are smooth and round. Prune the infected twigs in the spring to eliminate the galls. Chemical treatments are usually not necessary to stop galls. In most cases, these infections are not severe and do not affect the health of your tree, so pruning is all that is needed. However, if you notice the same bumps year after year in large numbers, you may choose to apply a fungicide to eliminate them.


The bumps may be the result of blisters. Initially, the blisters turn pale green or orange. Later, they will turn black or brown. Very infected leaves will usually drop early, adversely affecting the health of the overall tree. To stop these pests from infecting your trees, rake and eliminate leaves in the autumn to get rid of these pests. Depending on the severity of the infestation, though, it may be necessary to apply pesticides in order to ensure that the pests are eliminated. There are some pests, such as the gypsy moth, that can sometimes cause the demise of an oak tree.

While individual treatments can be used to prevent this condition, it is most important that the health of the tree be protected. If the tree remains healthy, it will have its own natural immune system and will be less likely to be infected by these pests and fungi. Contact a contractor, like Hudson & Sons Tree Service, for more help.


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