Growing Problems Under Your Tree – What You Can Do

Posted on: 29 August 2015

There are times in which trees can make gardening difficult in your yard. If the trees cause too much shade, it can be impossible to grow lush, beautiful flowers or plants in your garden. What can you do about it? Does that tree really have to come down, or is there a way to preserve the tree while improving the growing conditions below?

Tree Lacing

Tree lacing is one option that may have a big impact on the growing conditions below and around the tree. Lacing is the tree trimming process in which the tree is thinned out. Branches and limbs are removed from the tree to allow for more sun and air exposure for the landscape below.

When done properly, lacing gives the tree a lace-like appearance when the sun shines through the branches and leaves. It is a wonderful way to beautify a tree while providing the plants below the sunlight that they need to thrive.

Tree Tipping and Shaping

If the growing problems you are having aren't directly under the tree, but rather around the tree, tipping and shaping the tree could be just what you need. Trimming and shaping is a lot like lacing, but differs in the sense that only the tips of small branches are cut back to slightly thin and shape the canopy to provide more sunlight to the area below and give the tree a perfect shape.

Tree Topping

Tree topping is useful for trees that have grown too tall for the area. When a tree reaches a height that puts your home in danger or blocks too much sun during the day, it can be topped to decrease the height. When done by a skilled tree professional, your tree will look short and stout, but beautiful. Taking the height off of a tree shouldn't mean that the tree is butchered and ugly.

Tree Removal

As a final option, the tree may need to be removed. If the tree isn't able to be saved, a tree service can remove it safely. After the tree is taken down, you can have the team complete a stump grinding service. Stump grinding will not remove the roots from below the surface, but it will remove the above-ground parts of the stump. When completed, you will be able to plant vegetation over the area where the tree once stood.

Talk with your local tree service like Souliere & Son Tree SpeclSts to learn your best method of treating the tree so that you can grow the plants you desire in the ground below that big, beautiful tree in your yard.   


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