How To Care For Your Trees This Summer

Posted on: 16 July 2015

Well-maintained trees in your home will give you spectacular views of blossoming flowers and budding leaves in the spring, as well as beautiful red and orange hues in the fall. However, without proper summer care, your trees may not be able to blossom all year round and give you the gorgeous views and gracious shade you so desperately need.

Basic tree service can ensure that your trees remain healthy through the summer months, preventing wilting or even damaging your property during storms. Hiring a qualified arborist to inspect your trees for signs of stress or disease and to trim unwanted branches can ensure a fruitful summer love affair with your home's outdoors. Here are a few tips on how to care for your trees this summer.

Trimming and cabling

Dead, diseased or unsafe branches need to be removed so as to ensure proper tree growth. A professional tree service can be consulted to check your trees for dying branches that have been harmed by disease or insect infestation so they can be removed. Branches that rub against each other or hover dangerously over sidewalks, lawns and car parks should also be trimmed to avoid damage or injury from falling debris and broken twigs.

Summer storms often bring along strong winds that can topple down branches on vehicles and your dwellings, so be sure to have an evaluation on your trees to check for weak branches that could pose a risk. Such unsafe branches can either be cut down or cabled using wires to keep them from falling. 

Summer pruning

This is a vital part of tree care, as it allows for strong growth of the trees as well as the grass and shrubs around the landscape. Pruning involves the shaping of a tree by cutting overgrown or unwanted branches so as to increase curb appeal and promote sustainable growth. By selectively pruning branches from the crowns and sides of trees, tree professionals are able to allow for better light penetration and air movement, enabling  the tree and surrounding vegetation to flourish.

Better light penetration also makes for a brighter home compound with lots of sun and fresh air. If you have a swimming pool, summer pruning can eliminate branches hanging over the pool, reducing maintenance chores involving removal of twigs, leaves and branches from the water, while also allowing you to enjoy sun-warmed pool water.  

While clearing sidewalks and lawns though tree pruning is helpful, it is vital that the chosen tree service does not get carried away and 'top' the tree branches. Tree topping is a poor practice involving cutting tree branches back to studs. This robs the branches of their ability to sustain future growth patterns, distorts the shape of the tree and also leaves the cut branches vulnerable to insect infestation and fungal damage.

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