Cha-Ching! 4 Ways To Cash-In On Those Dead Trees In Your Yard

Posted on: 29 May 2015

If your home's yard has some dead trees that need to be removed, then you might be surprised to discover that you can sometimes sell the wood and stumps for cash!

Here are four different ways that you can sell your dead trees and get them out of your yard once and for all:

Sell the Wood as Woodworking Raw Material

Woodworkers are always looking for quality raw materials, and buying their wood at lumber mills usually comes with a very high price, especially for rare or hardwood trees. For this reason, many woodworkers purchase quality tree sections and stump wood from individuals. They will take the raw materials and mill the wood themselves for use in their woodworking projects.

Sell the Stumps as Furniture Raw Material

Custom furniture makers purchase decorative tree stumps to make tables and other specialty furniture. They strip down the stumps and use their natural structural beauty as table bases and sometimes even bathroom vanities. If your tree stump is oak, juniper, or cypress then you may have a very valuable stump.

Sell the Stump for Burl Wood

If your trees have any bulging areas on their stumps or trunks, then they may have what are known as wood burls. Wood burls are deformed growths on trees that contain very complex grain patterns. Wood burls are purchased by:

  • woodworkers
  • furniture makers
  • carvers

Woodworkers and furniture makers use burl wood to create veneers for specialty pieces of furniture, such as desks and tables. Wood carvers like to work with burl wood because of its wide variation in grain pattern and the unique look it gives to their final artwork.

Sell the Wood as Firewood

Finally, if all else fails, you can always sell the larger sections of your trees as firewood. If your goal is to simply remove the wood, then you can offer it inexpensively to someone to come pick up. If you want a higher price, then you can either cut the wood into rounds or split the wood and offer to deliver it.


By understanding that those dead trees in your yard have a value in multiple markets, you can find a buyer to come to your home and take all of that mess off of your hands-- and pay you to do it! If you have any questions about tree removal, then you should contact a licensed tree removal service, like Pete & Ron's Tree Service, in your town or city.


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