Three Important Steps Following The Removal Of A Large Tree

Posted on: 27 May 2015

No one likes to discuss what happens when a large tree finally reaches the end of its life. The sad fact is that any tree can become too weathered, old or weak to be safe to stay near a home or in a yard where it could be a hazard to those around it. Removing a large tree is not a simple project and even once the tree is gone, the stump and damaged yard often remain. Here are a few tips for reclaiming your lawn once the tree itself has been hauled away.

Remove the Stump

Stump grinding is a quick process and it will make it possible for you to begin to level out your yard immediately. There are stump grinders that can be rented if you want to do the process yourself, but their rental cost is typically about the same as having a stump removed professionally. It can be a dangerous process as well, so if you are not an expert with this type of equipment most professionals recommend getting help.

Handling the Mulch

Stump grinding produces a substantial amount of mulch that can be used in the yard. Some people will fill the stump hole with the mulch and cover over it. This could cause a problem as the mulch will often absorb all the nitrogen from the surrounding soil. It will also decay and can cause the grass and soil above to sink once it does. Instead, spread the mulch in a dry, sunny spot in the yard to let it mature. After it sits for a few months, you can then begin using it in gardens and around the yard.

Fill the Hole

With the mulched stump now removed, the hole needs to be filled. It is a good idea to choose a soil to fill the hole that is as close to the surrounding soil as possible. This will make the area more apt to remain level and look as uniform as possible. Make certain that any soil added to the hole is packed in well to prevent settling afterwards and creating a noticeable dip. Once the soil is in you can install your sod or spread grass seed. You may wish to cover the area with hay to prevent erosion while waiting for the grass seed to take root.

There are many methods for removing tree stumps. Some include manually digging out the stump and roots, an exhausting option and one that is nearly impossible with large trees. Chemical means can take months to work and are not pet, child or environmentally friendly. Waiting for it to rot can be a frustrating waiting game. Stump grinding may not be the cheapest method, but it is the fastest, easiest and most complete method and it is safe for the environment as well. To learn more, speak with a business like Tree Landers.


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