Landscaping Ideas To Revive Your Backyard

Posted on: 22 May 2015

If your backyard has become a place to collect old picnic tables, children's toys and recreational equipment, give it a facelift by doing some unique landscaping this year. It will be a more interesting place in which you and your family can relax. You may also become the talk of the neighborhood. Here are a few landscaping ideas to start you thinking about how to transform your backyard into some place exciting.

Flagstone Walking Paths

Create winding paths through your yard with flat stones bordered by crushed river rock or a ground cover. Place benches at various locations for someone to sit and meditate or read. Create focal points in the yard with small flowerbeds or other features near the benches and walkway. Your backyard becomes a relaxing way to get rid of the stress of a busy work day.

Fountains and Waterfalls

Install a selection of tall fountains and shallow pools attached to waterfalls. The sound and sight of water features in a yard creates another relaxing landscape. Surround key water features with flower beds to create colorful, flowing focal points in the yard.

Make a Statement With Metal

Find a variety of metal sculptures to place in the yard. Choose a theme, such as animals or cars, then decide if you want your yard to be classy or kitschy before you go shopping. Give each item a unique place to sit by having a landscaping service dig out circles in the yard and fill them with mulch. Anchor the item to this base and install spot lights in each circle to highlight the piece after dark.

Putting Around in Your Yard

If you're a golfer, then what better use is there of a backyard than creating your own putting green? Have a landscaper design a green for you with a patio off to one side for cafe tables and chairs. Put in an outdoor bar and you have a ready-made place to entertain your golfing friends.

Party Outside

If you enjoy entertaining, then move the party outside by creating an outdoor kitchen and social area. Start with a patio area with a grill at one side. Instead of the conventional picnic tables, arrange several bistro-style tables with chairs on the patio. At the other end of the patio, a raised fire pit surrounded by a stone wall that serves as a bench, becomes a cozy gathering spot after dinner.

Combine these backyard landscape features to create the ultimate outdoor space for relaxing or entertaining. Talk to experts like Atlas Tree Service Inc for more information. 


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