Tree Stump Removed? What To Do With The Grindings Left Behind

Posted on: 21 May 2015

When you hire a tree service to remove a tree from your property, the stump is left behind. The tree service contractor will then grind this stump down. When finished, you are left with a lot of stump grindings. You likely do not want to leave these sitting there, and below are some good things you can use them for:

Use it as Mulch

Mulch is used in a flower garden to hold in moisture when it rains or when you water it. This is beneficial because your flowers will not dry out as quickly.

Rake the sawdust until it is in one pile. You can mix some fertilizer in with it to give your flower nutrients. How much you add depends on the fertilizer you purchase. Place the mulch on the flowerbed a few inches thick. When you finish, push the mulch away a few inches from the base of each flower. The flowers need room to breathe, and if too much water builds up around the base, it can cause them to rot.

Use it for Muddy areas

If you have any areas of your yard that gets muddy every time it rains, place the sawdust over it, and it will soak up the water instead of is pooling on the ground. This will last a couple of years, and then you can replace it with something else, such as mulch you purchase at a store.

Use it for Cat Litter

Sawdust makes a great all natural cat litter. If you have cats, put it the sawdust in a bag, and then use the sawdust as it is needed. Keep the bags stored in a garage or shed. Not having to purchase cat litter at a store help you saves money, and because it is natural wood grindings it is better for your cats. If you use a clumping cat litter, it contains sodium bentonite, which can cause respiratory problems.

Once you remove the stump grindings, fill the hole up with good garden soil, and then sprinkle grass seed over it. Use your hand or a seed spreader to mix the grass seed into the soil. The packaging will tell you how much grass seed you need to apply. When purchasing the grass seed, make sure it is the same type of grass you have. If you are not sure, have a landscaper come to your home to give you this information. Keep the soil moist until the grass gets a few inches tall.

To learn more, contact a company like Buskirk Tree Service with any questions you have.


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