5 Tips To Get Your Landscaping Back In Shape After A Heavy Storm

Posted on: 21 May 2015

After a heavy storm with rain and high winds, it's important that you assess your landscaping and determine how severe any damage is. Even if the impact of the storm seems minimal, you may find that some trees and other plants have been damaged upon a closer look. In order to get your landscaped yard back in great shape, consider the following five tips.

1. Tackle Cleanup As Soon As Possible

The first thing you'll want to do once the storm has passed is take a large garbage bin outside and begin to clean up. You'll likely find tons of branches, leaves, and other debris scattered throughout the yard that needs cleanup. Once everything is cleaned, you can begin to look into whether any damage has occurred to your landscaping.

2. Carefully Check the Stability of Your Trees

Heavy winds can result in stability issues with your trees, so it makes sense to closely check the roots and limbs of your trees. You may find that limbs are about to snap or that the roots have come exposed at the bottom of your trees. To get the trees back in good condition, consider hiring a tree service business that can help with the stability.

3. Watch Out for Drainage Problems

If you notice any pools of water in your yard, it could be due to poor drainage. Use this opportunity as a time to get a drainage system set up so that you don't have stagnant water sitting again. Improved drainage will not only keep your yard looking its best, but it will also reduce the kind of damage that pooled water can lead to.

4. Nurse Any Uprooted Plants Back to Health

In a heavy storm with lots of wind and rain, it's likely that some plants have become uprooted. Whether you find some of plants thrown across the yard or the roots have simply been lifted, you'll need to take care to ensure that they're planted properly and growing well again.

5. Focus on Preventive Maintenance

After you've got your landscaping back in shape, it's important that you focus on what you can do to prevent damage in the next storm. Some good examples to consider include adding stakes to your trees and covering some plants with tacked-down tarps before a storm approaches.

With all the work involved in getting your landscaping back in good condition after a storm, it's important to know what can be done on your own and what requires professional landscaping help. 

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