Three Damages The Winter Weather Could Have Done To Your Trees

Posted on: 14 May 2015

Most homeowners will hire a tree service when they notice a problem or they need the trees trimmed. If this is the only time you call a tree service, you should consider having routine checks done after extreme weather conditions such as long winters. During this type of weather, your trees can sustain several types of damage that may effect the growth of the tree or how it blossoms during the year. Here are three damages the winter weather could have done to your trees and how a tree service can help.

Trunk Cracks and Splits

When you have a wooden deck built, one of the things you do is seal it against water damage. If you don't, then you could have issues of rain getting into cracks in the wood and freezing. This process causes cracks and damage to the wood that can lead to wood rot. The same thing happens to your trees. The frozen rain will cause the tree cracks to expand, and when it dries, it will leave the crack exposed to further damage. A tree service like Northwest Residential Arborist And Excavating can trim away these areas if they are minor or only occur in the branches. The limbs will grow back normally.

Freezer Burn or Winterburn

You may believe that freezer burn is something that only occurs to your food. The truth is, this type of burn can occur in your trees and can cause the foliage to stop blossoming. If you want full foliage after a heavy winter weather season, then your tree service can apply something called anti-desiccant. This is a clear coat that is applied to your trees during the fall before the winter weather hits your area. Though it won't offer a full protection against winterburn, it will offer the ability to reduce the damage the winterburn may bring.

Salting Damage

If you live in an area that has severe snow conditions, then you likely know that salt damage is possible. When the roads are salted by the transportation department, that salt can get into the air. It can causes browning, dead areas along the root or turf surface, and branch decay. Your tree service can help by offering landscaping ideas that can transplant some trees further back on the property away from roadways or by planting trees that can stand up to the ongoing salt damage.

A key step to take to avoid winter weather damage is to have your tree service perform preventative maintenance on a seasonal basis. This will ensure your trees are ready for the new season and the weather it brings.  


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