The Art Of Felling

Posted on: 14 May 2015

There are many variables that come into play when removing trees - it is not an exact science. A tree service, such as Kansas City Tree Care, LLC, that understands that these variables must be carefully balanced will know the art of felling.

The Variables

The prime variables are the attributes of the tree to be felled. The tree service of your choosing will come out and assess the tree to be removed prior to starting work.

The height and girth of the tree are important in deciding which way to drop the tree. The size of the crown, or canopy, determines how much area is needed for the drop while the height determines the longest distance from the trunk that needs to be clear. 

The actual shape of the tree determines which way the tree can be safely felled. Trees often have a natural lean to them, which has to be countered when controlling the tree's fall.

The tree needs to be checked for weak spots, as caused by disease or growing around foreign objects, like wires or other tree branches. If there are weak spots, the tree may fold at the weak spot at an unexpected time, potentially causing injury.

Weather is a huge factor in dropping the tree, as well. An adverse wind could bring your 120-foot tall Douglas fir into your living room.

Safety Planning

It is extremely important to have a safety plan in place. Each person involved in the operation has to know the plan for where the tree will end up, and understand the safety zones, and the safe escape routes.

Obviously, the direction of the fall is unsafe. Directly opposite is also unsafe, as the hinge of the cut could fail, allowing the tree's base to quickly pivot in the opposite direction of the fall. 

The only relatively safe area is 45 degrees back and away from the fall direction. That said, it is extremely difficult to determine the actual path of the fall. Every person involved in the job has to be paying attention to every other person, and communication needs to be clear and constant.


When it comes to felling trees there is nothing more valuable than experience in actually felling trees. Hire a crew that is willing to explain the entire process to you in detail. 

If you intend to do the job yourself, save yourself by finding an experienced friend to help with the planning and felling. 


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