3 Risks Professional Tree Removal Companies Help You Avoid

Posted on: 14 May 2015

Trees can be a wonderful addition to any property. They provide shade, oxygen, and beauty. Unfortunately, they can also wreak havoc when they have branches or roots that grow too close to important structures. Before removing any tree from your property, you may want to consult a professional tree removal service about the following three risks:

Removing Tree Stumps Could Damage Underground Power Sources and Structures

One of the biggest risks of removing a large tree, particularly removing the stump, is digging around the roots and potentially damaging power or gas equipment. In some cases, with a large tree, the roots could be growing around underground structures and equipment, and removing the roots could mean causing damage to those things. If you aren't aware of where underground gas or power lines are, or if you can tell the roots of a tree are encroaching on a nearby sidewalk or foundation, you'll want to seek help from a professional tree removal service to remove roots with specialized equipment.

Removing Tree Branches Could Damage Nearby Buildings

One of the risks of cutting down trees in residential areas is that large branches could fall and damage nearby homes. If you have a tree that is growing between your home and a neighbor's home, you'll want to ensure that branches are removed without damaging nearby roofs, siding, or windows. Professionals in tree removal will usually use a bucket truck to trim branches from the highest points down. With the help of two or three people, each branch can be carefully removed without hitting any close structures.

Removing Trees Could Damage Other Trees

Aside from removing trees that are threatening to damage underground or above-ground structures, a tree that is growing closely to another tree could be difficult to remove without damaging the tree next to it. If you are removing one tree because of damage or disease, you may want to have a professional tree service determine if any disease has spread to nearby trees, and then determine whether or not the roots can be removed from the damaged tree without causing irreparable harm to neighboring trees. In many cases, if a tree that needs to be removed has roots entangled with a nearby tree, only the part of the roots that aren't entangled will be removed to preserve the roots of the other tree.

Knowing the risks of tree removal is important to preventing damage to your property and other trees in the vicinity. Seeking professional help for complicated or risky tree removal will help you ensure that you don't cause harm to yourself or your property. Dubois Tree & Land Management LLC is a tree removal company in your area you can contact for more information.


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